Monday, July 28, 2008

Summer Knitting Club Meeting at Long Last!

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I know you thought I had forgotten, but I never did, and here it is... the "july" knitting club meeting will be held next Wednesday (August 6th) evening around 7 pm. All are welcome, even if you are not an official member of our Summer Knitting Club. Just bring yourself and some knitting (socks preferably). Sarah and I will be there with our sock projects from July, and I know that you can't wait to see how her Red Herring Sock has turned out!

In the end I only made it through 3 pairs of socks, but I'm quite happy with each of them. Reuban's Ribby Riverbeds were a big hit!

My Ocean Toes are the most comfortable socks I've worn in a long time, and they fit so well.

And my Embossed Leaves are certainly the prettiest socks that I have ever made.

Stay tuned for information about our August projects, and the prize draw for all club members at the end of the summer. Till then keep on knitting!

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