Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ribby Riverbed socks

The first socks on my list for our July KAL (as I think I have already mentioned) are the Riverbed socks from New Pathways. I use this book all the time, because it accommodates any gauge and any sized foot! I have almost* never had a sizing problem with this book, and each "sockitecture" is truly unique and interesting to knit. I find the writing to be a little confusing, so if Cat Bordhi is confusing you, just bring her in and I'll set you straight!

* I say almost never because of the Ocean Toes incident. This was entirely my fault as I used the wrong needles size...I was just asking for trouble!

Anyway, the Riverbeds are looking great. I'm knitting them as a gift, so the only complication that I have run into is guessing at the recipient's foot size (I think I'll be alright). I chose to knit these socks in Fleece Artist Sea Wool for a few silly reasons: firstly, this was the only yarn in my stash that looked many enough to be given to a man, and second, the recipient lives in Los Angeles and I got it in my head that the seacell content of this yarn wouldn't make his feet quite so hot and sticky in the desert weather. I'll let you know if this pans out.

So far I've just come up to the heel on the first sock, and it's looking good. These are toe up socks, which I prefer, and I was amazed by the length I had to knit before the heel turn (men have such big feet!). I'm knitting these socks on a deadline, as the recipient in going to be arriving next week, we'll see how it goes.

As promised, here are the results of my first ventured into hand dying. I'm quite pleased with the colours, but a bit distressed by the condition of my yarn after I remove it from the dyepot. So far I have tested out a superwash merino/nylon blend, that came out beautifully. My other choice, Malabrigo Lace, did not fair so well. Though I did my best to prevent the water from boiling, it seems that both the skeins I dyed have been felted! Just a little bit, but they have lost that soft delicate quality that I loved so much.

I have only been able to dye mostly-solid colours, as I am lacking some important equipment still, but here's a look at my first attempts...

More to come! Keep on knitting in the meanwhile...

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