Monday, August 31, 2009

Chicknits Patterns!

We have received some of Chicknits patterns at the store! Bonne Marie Burns is one of my favourite designers around and I am so happy to sell them. Her patterns are easy to understand, error free and the finished product fits well.

We have:
Ribby Cardi

Mondo Cable Vest
Mondo Cable Cardi
Felted Bucket Hat (we have a sample at the shop!)



Miss BB

For each pattern, we have some fantastic yarns to pair them with. Come on in and check them out.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

More Knitspot Patterns have Arrived

We couldn't keep these patterns in at the shop if we tried. It is crazy how fast they flew out the door. Well maybe not crazy because they are just so outstanding. Who wouldn't want to knit these awesome scarves? We also have some really great yarns to pair with these patterns.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

New Samples!

Two new samples at the shop!!!!

Firstly, a Baby Surprise Jacket designed by Elizabeth Zimmerman. This cute little jacket can be made for boys or girls in any yarn. Of course depending on the size you want dictates the yarn to use.

Becky, one of our great naked sheep knitters made this one for us using two balls of Debbie Bliss Baby Casmerino. This wee jacket will fit a newborn to about 3 months old:


Super cute!

Next up - A Noble Cowl. This is a fun and fast knit. We used two skeins of Classic Elite Inca Alpaca - what a fine yarn to match with a fine cowl.


Come on in and check these and others out for yourself.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Another Clapotis

Yes my friends, I have knit yet another one, I think this last one brings my total of 5 knit to date. I can't seem to help myself, they are easy, look awesome and can be knit in any yarn. What more can you ask for in a fab knit? Nothing, I say!


I knit this one, using one skein of Classic Elite Alpaca Sox on 3.5mm needles. This yarn is so nice to knit with that a pair of socks (for me!) will be in the works shortly.


Because I wanted to use just one skein of this lovely yarn, I knit 4 increase rows and 17 straights. I might have been able to knit either one more increase row or at least two more straight rows to use up the whole skein. However, I didn't want to chance it.

At the shop, we try not to knit just socks with our sock yarn collection. We want to showcase other knits you can make using fab sock yarn. Here is another great idea:

This is called a Kicking Bag and is used on newborns to say about 6 months. It prevents the baby from kicking off blankets and new parents from worrying about babies getting cold. In this version I used two balls of Regia and is a free pattern on Ravelry. Here is the link.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ball Winders and Swifts - now in stock!

Have you ever tried to wind a ball of wool by hand, only to have it tangle in to a crazy mess around you? There are people who can do this task easily, but I am not one of them. The first chance I got in my knitting career, I snapped up a ball winder and swift.

We've got both in stock now at the Sheep, and they're fantastic!

They also make a great gift!


Would you like to know a secret way to receive a ball winder / swift set for your next gift-getting occasion?
Next time your husband/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/mom/friend is holding the skein of yarn for you, mention that they wouldn't have to do it if you had a ball winder and swift! Works like a charm!

Friday, August 21, 2009

New Patterns from Knitting Pure and Simple, and More!

We've received a bunch of patterns today!

Knitting Pure and Simple, Fiber Trends, and Ann Norling patterns are in stock aplenty!

Here are some of the patterns we've got in:
The Bulky Shrug
Knitting Pure and Simple

This pattern would look great in Big Wool, Malabrigo Aquarella, or Freedom. It's super-bulky and would knit up crazy fast!

Check out our version, knit by Emily in Malabrigo Aquarella:
Bulky Shrug

The Neckdown Swing Coat
Knitting Pure and Simple

This pattern would look awesome in Cascade Eco! (but I'm a little biased - I LOVE eco.) It would also look great in Baby Alpaca Sport, or Aslan Trends Guanaco. I love the shaping of this coat; the bottom is super swingy.

We've also got the new patterns- The Top Down Shawl Collar Cardigan,

and the Bulky Asymetric Cardigan

Light and Lacy Baby Blankets
Fiber Trends

These blankets call for a fingering weight yarn, and that means there is plenty of supersoft, machine washable, colourful yarn to choose from!
I'd make it in the Dyed in the Wool Handmade Bamboo Sock, or the Tanis Sock, though we've got many many options to choose from!

This is only a sample of the patterns we've got now, there is also new mens sweater patterns, more cardigans for women (all top down!) socks in light, and heavy weight, simple lace scarfs, and baby patterns!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

More Interweave

Brand new to the Sheep are the ingenious collections of Interweave Knits patterns on CD!
At the moment we have 2005, 2006 and 2007! No more sorting through heaps of old magazines to find the pattern you're looking for; now you can find it with just the click of a button
Each year's worth of patterns is just $24.95!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

february came early!

Check out Lisa's February Lady sweater, hot off the needles! She knit this beauty with just four skeins of our beloved Cascade 220 heathers!




Because Cascade is a light worsted weight yarn, Lisa knit the 41" size and ended up with a perfect 38" chest! We are all in love with this simple, quick-knitting sweater...and it looks great on all of us too! By now, I'm sure most of you already know about this lovely pattern (and have probably knit it for yourself!) so I won't yammer on about it. But who said you had to stop at just one? One great thing about this pattern is that a simple tweek can really change the look of the garment; sleeve length, button placement, yarn selection and countless other factors can totally transform your sweater!

Happy knitting folks!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


We have been receiving many calls and pop ins from people asking if we are closing, and the answer is a big fat NO! Thank you so much everyone for your concern, it totally warms me up - just like a wool sweater and socks!

Our domain is nakedsheep.CA, and the store that is closing is nakedsheep.COM - this online store is located in the USA.

I have tried to get contact this company to ask if they could kindly indicate on the site their location, but there isn't even an email address I could find. If anyone knows how to get ahold of them, please let me know.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Project Ideas

In addition to our fantastic 25% off sale, we've got a number of yarns which are discounted even further - either because the yarn has been discontinued, or because it's something that we're no longer carrying. But, the yarns themselves are awesome, and I'm going to highlight a few, and give you some project ideas for them.

First off: Rowan Bamboo Tape. Bamboo tape is 50% off, and is now just $5.95 a ball!
Bamboo Tape
Bamboo Tape is a 100% Bamboo yarn by Rowan. The fact that it is a tape doesn't affect your finished fabric if you're knitting a dense fabric, like stockinette for a sweater.

But, if you knit it loose, and perhaps drop a few stitches, you get a wonderful fabric that shows off the tapey-ness of the yarn. That's right, I'm suggesting the wonderful, ubiquitous Clapotis!
Clapotis is an awesome project for any level of knitter.

Wearing one is like announcing you're a knitter. It's the secret handshake of the knitting world! It's so much fun to knit as well!

Here's one knit by our friend Suzie:

Next up we've got Lana Gatto Feeling, which is also 50% off, and only $9.30 a ball!
Lana GattoFeeling
Feeling is a squishy 70% wool 20% silk 10% cashmere blend that knits up to a DK weight. It's sooo soft, and would be great knit up into almost anything!

I think colourwork mittens would be so great for this yarn. Get a jump on your christmas knitting early perhaps? There's lots of options: I'm partial to the Snail Mittens, from the Knitters Book of Yarn and the Fiddlehead Mittens, both from Hello Yarn. Wear a pair of these for an hour, and you'll never want store-bought mitts again!

And, the last one for today: Jo Sharp Ultra. Ultra is 50% off, and is just $5.50 a ball!
Jo Sharp Ultra
Ultra is a bulky weight Wool/silk/cashmere blend, and I think it's a great yarn for outerwear.
I've seen amazing scarves out of this yarn, but my favourite project for it (so far!) is Foliage, from

I like this hat, because it's lacy but still super warm for the winter. Also, it's so pretty! and since it uses just two balls, it's an inexpensive project as well!

That ends todays project reccomendations, but stay tuned for more, or, as always, check out for more ideas!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Stop the Presses!!!!

We just recieved the new Brooklyn Tweed book today!

New Brooklyn Tweed!

Inside, there are beautiful patterns for hats, shawls, sweaters, mittens, and more from the amazing Brooklyn Tweed - AKA Jared Flood.

New Brooklyn Tweed! New Brooklyn Tweed! New Brooklyn Tweed!

The book, Made in Brooklyn is 18.00, and though we've got lots, they'll go fast!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Take a look at my lastst project for the Sheep...


I'm knitting Wisteria by Kate Gilbert. This lovely top down sweater has been great fun to knit, though I will admit that I've had a few slip-ups so far. Sometimes, knitting in a busy store can be when you're attempting to follow a complex cable chart!

I am lucky enough to be knitting this pretty sweater in Malabrigo Worsted in the Saphire Green colourway. I adore this colour, but it proved to be quite difficult to photograph; in person it looks a lot warmer than these photos show. I guess you will just have to stop by and see for yourselves!

At the moment I am working the increases for the rounded yoke, and aproaching the end of the large section of cabling. Soon I'll be knitting the stockingette body, a welcome break from these cables that seem to be taking so much of my focus. Until then, however, be weary of asking me questions while I'm kniting. I may just answer you with "hmmm...C4right...purl 6..slip...knit....mumble"


Friday, August 7, 2009

Faux-Isle socks!


We recieved oodles of this new Lang sock yarn recently. It comes in many colours, some of which knit up into fair-isle-y stripes, and some of which are just nice and verigated.

And, best of all, hiding inside each ball of sock yarn is a little spool of re-enforcing thread for the heels (and toes, if you want!)


Lang Ja Wool sells for 14.95, and there's more than enough in a ball for a pair.
Come on in anc check out the colours!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Fall Interweave Knits

Drop what you are doing and run to pick up your copy of Interweave Knits Fall 2009! Its that good people, seriously.
The Sheep just received 20 copies, so we are well stocked (and already planning projects thankyouverymuch!)


This issue is chock full of beautiful patterns, in fact, I'm having quite a difficult time deciding what to knit first!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

more of a good thing

Just in case you've been waiting for your favourite colour to return, I thought I'd mention that The Sheep has refreshed our stores of Tanis Blue Label Fingering Weight yarn. We currently have Tanis' complete range of colours! And as you already know, this fantastic yarn will be 25% off for the entire month of August! What could be bad about that?!




Happy Knitting!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Anniversary Sale!

Lisa has owned the Naked Sheep for a year this month - Can you believe it's been that long?
So, to celebrate, we're having a sale for the month of August... and hold your breath, because it's a good one!

25% off ALL regular priced yarn!

10% off Needles, notions, books, bags, and accessories!

Plus, if you spend 100.00 or more before taxes, we'll throw in a Naked Sheep travel mug for free! (While we've still got them left!)

This sale runs for the whole month of August. It's a perfect time to get yarn for that big project you've been dreaming of, or to start buying up your Ravelry queue!