Saturday, July 26, 2008

I'm Still Here!

You may have been wondering about where on earth I've been this past week. At least I hope you were. Well, I am here to put your worries to rest and tell you that I was not abducted by aliens, nor have I joined the circus, or any other type of organization that interferes with knitting. I have been knitting away happily, but away from any computer with which I might blog. I've been cottaging with family, but am now back in the city and up to all my old tricks once again!

I brought several projects up to the cottage with me; not knowing how much knitting time I would get in I felt it was better to bring too much than not enough. The first order of business on my knitting agenda were my Embossed Leaves socks (from Interweave's Favourite Socks Book). Impressively, I knit the entire lace portion of one sock in a single day. Thats right, the cuff was waiting for me in the morning, I knit the leg, heel flap, heel turn, instep and foot all in one day! This feat was made possible by the simple lace pattern on this sock. I never memorized the 16 round lace repeat, instead I did something quite a bit better; I read the previous rounds! Sounds like a simple enough idea, and it is. Decreases only move one stitch to the right or the left from round to round, and yarn-overs are always centered on a central column of single stitches. Another thing that made this pattern knit so quick was the fact that each repeat was quite large. In a stitch pattern with a 4 or 5 round repeat, you've got to knit a lot of repeats before you get anywhere. But there were only 7 lace repeats in my entire sock! Now thats easy livin'...or something like that anyway.

I should mention also that I used Fleece Artist Somoko; a beautiful mohair/silk/merino/nylon blend sock yarn. It worked beautifully with my lacy socks, and has a lovely halo of fuzz. I also removed the last 8 rounds of lace before the toe, in order to make the sock short enough to fit my foot. All the sock photos in this post were taken at the cottage (on the beach at Georgian Bay) by my Jeremy.

I also took some great shots of my Ocean Toes socks, it wasn't the ocean, but this lake was as close as I was going to get!

To all you Summer Knitting Clubbers, I have not forgotten about our meeting (but this week has slowed me down considerably) I will hope fully post a month-end date within the next few days).

And don't forget that we still have one more month to go. Our August projects will be posted very soon, and I can't wait to start mine up!

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