Monday, July 7, 2008

and you thought I had forgotten...another spot to knit!

I've already told you about my favourite cafes for knitting, and now its time to move on to my favourite parks! First up on the list was a little bit of a let down at the time, but I think that a more well-timed visit would yield much better results (don't go in the middle of the day!)

Riverdale Farm:

Well, I thought that I’d give this one a try. I have such fond childhood memories of this place, but I quickly realized that there was a reason that these memories had remained in my childhood. One visit to the sheep’s pen (I saw a lamb!) and it was clear that I was the only person there over the age of 10, excluding parents of course. I just couldn’t settle down to knit here, it was far too chaotic! The fear of being kicked in the knee by a stray cartwheel lingered in the back of my head as an army of girls tore past me. I counted the temper tantrums that I encountered during my 15 minute visit. 9 in total, some so epic that I considered counting them as two separate tantrums! The scenery was beautiful, there were lots of comfortable looking nooks to pick up the needles in, but I still felt uneasy. I eventually abandoned the farm and took up a bench just in the park just outside of the farm. This was a much more peaceful experience, and I managed to get quite a bit of knitting done here. All in all, I think that Riverdale Farm is certainly worth the visit; just make sure you go early in the morning or later in the evening!
Here's a map for those of you who had no idea that there was a sweet little farm tucked away in our noisy city.

(There are a bunch of other animals at the farm,
but the sheep were clearly my favourites!)

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