Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Ocean Toes, take two

After a short grieving period, I am ready to tackle my Ocean Toes socks again. For a week or so I would pick up the sock try it on to see if it's size had magically changed, sigh and put the sock away again. I finally relented and frogged the entire finished sock, but I was left with kinky and unmanageable yarn! My casbah had lost the smoosh that I love so dearly, it was heartbreaking. The only solution I could come up with was to wash my sad little skein of yarn, and hope that it would be returned to its former glory.

I began by winding my messy ball back into a skein. I used a niddy noddy, but you can use just about anything (table legs, two chair backs, another person's arms, etc). Just as long as you have the yarn under a good tension to avoid tangling.

I knotted the ends of the skein and tied figure eight knots around it with some scrap yarn in four places.

I then removed the skein from my niddy noddy (table, arms...) and dunked it into a little bath that I had prepared for it. I put a drop of soap into the bath because the former sock had been on and off of my feet so many times I figured that it must have got a bit dirty!

I let this soak for about 30 minutes, just until I could no longer see any kinky bits in the skein. I gently wrung it out and hung it up to dry on my porch (luckily it was a sunny day, and the skein dried pretty quick)

I now have a freshly wound ball of yarn sitting in front of me. It's smoosh fully restored. Mission accomplished! Now all I have to do is knit the socks...again.

I am planning on knitting a few pairs of socks for our sock month KAL. Ocean Toes are the main objective, but I also plan to knit a pair of Riverbed socks (also from New Pathways for Sock Knitters). I won't commit to any more than that, because I have a bad habit of letting other projects interfere, but I wouldn't be upset if I made it through another pair of socks in the month.

I'd love to hear about the socks that everyone else is knitting, so come by the store or leave a comment with your sock scoop!

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