Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The next spot to knit in the city is our only west end destination. I couldn't resist including this park, simply because its large and versatile enough to please just about any knitter.

Trinity Bellwoods:
As most of you already know, Trinity Bellwoods is the massive park that runs from Queen St. West all the way up to Dundas. Its big, people. Such a big park is prime for outdoor knitting, because it provides a great variety of spots to knit. Options include the sunny grass, the shady hill, myriad benches and picnic tables, and some very comfy trees. Of course, you’ll have to share this popular park with just about everyone else in the city-and their dogs- but I like to think that this high volume of traffic will only add interest to you knitting experience.

  • Lighting: if it’s a sunny day, you are in luck!
  • Noise: Be weary of high energy frisbee matches and loud hippie jam fests; these tend to generate a large amount of distracting noise!
  • People: dog people, cat people, tall people, short people, cyclists, skaters, hipsters, stinkers, knitters, and just about everyone else.
  • Best for Knitting: Anything you want. This versatile knitting ground is great for any project!

In other news, I've finished up the men's Riverbeds that I was knitting. They were dead simple, and I was able to polish them off in just a few days. I have yet to take a decent picture of them, but one is coming your way soon. They look very nice, I really like the way the 3x1 ribbing hugs the foot throughout the entire sock. I used Elizabeth Zimmerman's sewn bind off to make the cuffs loose enough to pass over an ankle, but springy enough to let the ribbing contract.

Next on the agenda (as you know) are my Ocean Toes. I've made it down to the foot on the first sock, and am extremely happy to report that they fit easily over my ankle! This time around I'm knitting them on a 3mm needle, just like the pattern calls for. Fine, fine, I'll admit that Cat Bordhi knows more about socks than I do!
Ocean Toes is a great pattern; it is a captivating knit, as just about every row is different. No getting bored with these socks. I have only run into one problem so far; I am a terrible multi-tasker! I've caught myself a few times knitting away perfectly on one part of the sock, but forgetting to purl, knit, increase, etc. I'm sure that by the time I reach the end of the 3rd * sock, I'll have the pattern down pat.

* I say 3rd sock of course, because I knit one entire sock that was the wrong size before I realized!

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