Tuesday, July 15, 2008


This morning a large box arrived in the store from Nova Scotia.  These kinds of boxes always make us giddy with excitement because of course, they contain FLEECE ARTIST yarn! 
We are now stocked in Fleece Artist and Handmaiden sock yarns!  

We got in Casbah, Handmaidens wool/cashmere/nylon sock yarn which is so soft and smooshy! I'm knitting knee socks with it right now, and I LOVE the way the cashmere feels against my legs. We also got in lots of Somoko, a 65% Merino, 20% Kid, 
10% Nylon, 5 % Silk blend, which has a beautiful shine from the silk.  One of these balls may have already found it's way into my possession, as I couldn't resist after stocking all of it!  And, as if that's not enough, we also have the Merino 2/6 in as well!  Merino 2/6 is Fleece Artist's original sock yarn, and I have many many pairs of socks from it (and skeins in my stash)! 
It's no coincidence that all this yarn came in now, as we are in the middle of sock month!  I realize I've yet to make my project public up here, and so here it is!  
Red Herring

I'm doing the Red Herring Pattern from Knitty.com. The yarn i've chosen is the Natures Palette in blue and purple, which usually, isn't my colours but these are so beautiful I can't wait. I've done the ribbing and am just about to start the colourwork.

More on Red Herring later!

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