Sunday, September 28, 2008

Malabrigo socky goodness!

When we got Malabrigo's sock yarn in a few weeks ago, I really couldn't wait to start knitting with it. This yarn is so soft, and smooshy, and amazing to knit with. and the colours are just amazing! they seem to shimmer, and the verigation is so beautiful!

This is a sock that, regrettably I'm not knitting for myself. It's just a basic no-purl feather and fan pattern, and I love it.
And, this is one of the advantages to knitting a sock with magic loop - you can try it on as you go!


and yes, I've already bought another skein in green for socks just for me!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The fall weather is fianlly here, and at the Sheep we hare very happy to see new knitters taking up the craft to keep themselves warm on these crisp cool days. The first attempts at knitting can be a little bit frustrating, but we're here to help you out, and we have some great classes coming up that are intended to do just that!

Here's a look at some exciting classes that are coming up soon...

Mobius Cast-on
Thursday September 25 7-9pm.
$30.00/ person

Are you are fascinated by mobius knitting, but completely stumped by the process? You're not alone, thats why we have this class! In this one 2-hour session knitting wizz Kate Atherly will cover the mobius cast on, as well as knitting and finishing with an i-cord bind-off.

Magic Loop Socks
Monday September 29 7-9
$30.00/ person

For those of you out there who love to knit socks, but are not very fond of DPNs, magic loop knitting is the solution for you. This technique will allow you to knit in the round on one long circular needle (which can be reused on other non-sock projects!) Instructor Sarah will cover casting on and knitting in the round using magic loop. You will also learn how to adapt basic sock knitting techniques to magic loop (heel, gusset, toe)

Smart Knitters Finish First
SaturdaySeptember 27 9-11am

In this two hour workshop you'll learn smart techniques that will speed up the knitting process. Instructor Kathryn has some great tips and tricks that are sure to make you knitting more fun than it already is!
Of course, these are just a few of the classes that we offer at the Sheep. You can visit our website for more class details.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Righteous Rowan Related News

What started out as an ordinary day at the Sheep (knitting, chatting about knitting, helping folks with knitting related problems and questions...) quickly took an exciting turn when my favourite UPS guy lumbered through our door with these rather large boxes. Large boxes are always a good sign at the Sheep; the larger the box the more yarn it generally contains!

Inside these specific boxes was something so exciting that I had to take photos throughout the unwrapping process, just to stretch things out as far as I could. These wonderful magical boxes contained bags upon bags of Rowan Yarns!

We've all been waiting with baited breath for our fall delivery from Rowan, and today it finally arrived! Amongst the many beautiful new yarns that are gracing our shelves at the moment is the brand new (and very exciting) Rowan Purelife Organic Wool! This 100% organic wool is a DK weight yarn that'll get you 125 meters of knitting pleasure for just $13.95. This yarn is dyed with low impact, all-natural plant dyes. For those of you out there looking for an eco-friendly yarn, it doesn't get much better than this!

We are stocking the complete range of eight colours at the Sheep, and this photo does not do them justice, so come have a look for yourself!

Alongside Rowan Purelife came Felted Tweed (pictured left), Little Big Wool, Cocoon, and Kidsilk Haze! And as a lace addict I can say that I am very happy to see our Kidsilk shelves refreshed (the colours are beautiful!) My mind is already racing with new project ideas!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Hi all, Lisa here! I am so exciting to be the new owner of the Naked Sheep and share all the wonderful changes the store has gone through in the last month. Not only has the store been flipped upside down (in a good way!), but we have received some great yarns and patterns. Not to mention we have decided to bring in Addi Turbo circulars, hot books and tonnes more lace and sock yarn.

I am not lying, this is only one bin of our sock yarn, but one of the best: Malabrigo Sock yarn...Yummy!

Malabrigo Sock Yarn - Oh My!

Want more? Our own Naked Sheep colourway, dyed by Maggie of Dyed In The Wool Handmade:

Naked Sheep Colourway

It is so beautiful that words can't explain how fabulous this sock yarn is. Thanks Maggie!

Here are two ladies that are regulars at the Sheep. Kathryn (on the right) is celebrating her birthday by doing the only thing I would do - knitting with a great friend:

Mary-Ann and Kathryn - B-Day Celebration

We also received the new Interweave Felt magazine - the projects in this magazine are super fun to make, more copis of the fall issue of Vogue and Interweave knits. The first batch of these issues sold out too quickly, so we brought in more.

Hope to knit with you soon.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

We're back, after a short hiatus, and ready for knit bloggin' .I've got blog-fulls of news to share with you, so pull up a comfy seat, and perhaps pop some popcorn because you may be here a while.

New Owner!

The Naked Sheep has a new owner. Lisa took over the store on August 12, and since then has really turned some things around (just keep reading). In honor of her aquisition the Sheep will be offering 15% off all regular priced items (excluding classes) for the entire month of September! Woo Hoo! Lisa is in the store weeknights and weekends, so pop by to meet the new owner of the Naked Sheep, and score some bargains while you're at it.

Is This a New Store?!

If you haven’t been into the store recently, I suggest you hurry on over to check out our amazing new look. The Sheep has been entirely rearranged into a bright and spacious fiber mecca! Shocked customer reactions so far have included…
· Stepping back outside to check the street number and sign
· Hysterical laughter
· Loss of speech
· Paralysis
…but don’t worry, these were only temporary reactions. In a few moments any extreme affects of shock seemed to fade away as the beautiful selection of new yarn came into view. Now here comes the most exciting part of all…the sheep’s shelves are currently overflowing with a stunning array of yarns brand new to the store. There are so many in fact that we could never fit them into a single blog post. For your continued readying pleasure, as well as to prevent any unfortunate sensory overload we’ll be slipping in posts about our favourite fall yarns over the next few weeks. That’s right folks, there are weeks worth of stunning new yarns in here, and more on the way as well.

Knit Night!

Everyone at the shop agrees that it is high time we invited all our loyal customers and friends out to share in some knitting fun with us. Beginning Spetember 3rd (thats tonight!), and running until the end of time (hopefully) we will be offering an evening of knit and fiber related fun. Knit nights will begin at 6:30, and go until "late" . We’d love to see you there!

New Classes!

The Sheep has a great line-up of classes for you this fall. Our September schedule is posted on our website, and available in the store. We are offering 8 classes that are brand new to the sheep, and here's a preview...

  • Baby surprise Jacket class
  • Knitting Magic Loop socks
  • Stashbuster Amigurumi (taught by yours truely)
  • Toe-up socks with gusset heel
  • Smart Knitters Finish First

If you are interested in these or any other classes just give us a call, or pop by for more info

Ravelry Group!

We're all adicted to it, and we think its high time that you were too. Ravelry is a great places to share knitting knowledge, so the Sheep has decided to set up shop (so to speak) on Ravelry. We'll be posting store news, and sharing pics with all members. Plus its a dead easy way to ask us questions (we're always on there anyway!)