Wednesday, January 13, 2010

There's a New Yarn Dyer in Town!

We welcome another batch of a fabulous colours of sock yarn from VIOLA - a new Toronto Yarn Dyer! Miss Emily who works at the Sheep is branching out and dying up sock yarn in colours you won't believe until you see them!

Each skein is $24, enough for a pair of socks, small shawl, scarf, fingerless mitts, the list is endless for what you can knit or crochet with this yarn. It is soft, squishy and to dye for!

We have two skeins of each colour, however I doubt they will last long - the colours are that AWESOME!

A close up of the orange colourway!

A look at at the tag! Ahhh... So cute!


Emma said...

Ahh, the yellow is amazing! They are all so beautiful.

Clearly I should have looked around more when I came in today instead of just grabbing what I needed. Silly me.

CA said...

Beautiful Emily! Congratulations ;)

Love Carolanne

emily said...

thanks folks!