Monday, January 18, 2010

Fiddleheads - DONE LIKE DINNER!

I finally took pictures of my finished Fiddlehead Mittens that I gifted to my mom on Christmas morning. I used Tanis' Fiddlehead mitten kit in the pink/purple colourway. I am happy how they turned out, however I would change up a few things when I maked them next time:

I did run out of the liner yarn, so used the leftovers to finish it up - You can see the hot pink thumb?

Mods: the liner is knit with Tanis’ DK yarn which I think is way too thick, so the liner decreases were finished at the same point the outer mitten decreases started. AND the liner is still a bit squishy in there.

You have to move it around so it doesn’t bunch up.

I would suggest using a much lighter yarn for the liner to prevent the bunching up.

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