Sunday, January 31, 2010

Elizabeth Zimmermann's Green Sweater

When this story hit the knitting world, I was very moved by it and was excited to find out the pattern was available to purchase. We now have copies at the shop.

Each pattern is $8 and you can use Cascade 220, which luckily we have a million colours of. In the summertime I knit a wool sweater for myself to be ready to wear for the winter and this is the sweater I think I want to knit.

It will be the first time I attempt steeks and I'm totally up for the challenge. Anyone else want to join me? Suzie???????


Suzie said...

I already have the pattern and I'll definitely do it, but I already promised another friend that we'd encourage each other, some time in the summer, because there is so much to finish until then. Maybe we can make it a triangle.

Lisa said...

Maybe, just maybe others will join us as well!

It looks like such a great sweater to knit!