Monday, January 25, 2010

New Books!

I have so many knitting books on my shelf at home and although I have not knit many things from these books, I LOVE reading and looking through them from time to time. Here are some we just received that would be a great addition to your library:

The Book of Wool by Clara Parkes (author of The Book of Yarn)

From the Publisher:
What do I knit? Parkes went to some of the most creative and inquisitive design minds of the kniting world to provide more than 20 patterns that highlight the qualities of specific types of wool. The Knitter''s Book of Wool teaches you everything you need to know about wool - and its journey from pasture to pullover. The next time you pick up a skein, you won''t have to wonder what to create with it. You''ll just know.

Alice Starmore's Book of Fair Isle Knitting

Double Knitting - Reversible Two-Color Designs by: M'Lou Baber

Come on in and take at look at them, I think you will fall in love with all the beautiful patterns and helpful information.

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