Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Next Stop...the Moon

Jet Fuel:

Located on Parliament in the heart of Cabbage Town, Jet Fuel is a café with attitude… and a lot of bike couriers (but who says there isn’t room for a few knitters in there too?) Its a big comfy space, with lots of seating, great music, cool people and a bare bones approach to coffee that has proven to be very successful, the coffee’s great people!

  • Lighting: Lighting is a bit dim in here, necessitated by the atmosphere of extreme cool. It is still quite knittable, and seats by the window provide perfect light!
  • Noise: Loud music and the guy behind the bar yelling out coffee orders
  • People: As I mentioned briefly above, Jet Fuel is a mecca for bike couriers. It also attracts hip cabbagetowners and any other folk who like their lattes served in tall glasses (this includes myself)
  • Best for knitting: Small projects. This is one busy coffee shop, and there isn’t too much room to spread out a big project.

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