Monday, June 23, 2008

knit in public...just a bit late

Inspired by knit in public day- which was last Saturday- I have gone on a hunt for good public spots to knit. I frequently knit in public; parks, coffee shops, bars and pretty much everywhere else. Since I have so much experience with public knitting, I thought that I'd share a few of the spots I've found with you. My plan is to post one a day for a week or so...until I run out of good spots. If you have a favourite public knitting spot, please let us know (I'm always on the lookout!).

So here goes...

Merchants of Green Coffee:
An excellent café, tucked away nicely just east of the DVP and north of Queen st. East. The Merchants started out selling fair trade green coffee beans to industrious home roasters and have more recently expanded into roasting for the public! This is good news for us, as their spacious old factory/loft location is now jam-packed with comfy seats, good vibes and the delicious smell of roasting coffee. They have some cats, a very smart parrot, and will be very happy to custom roast you a cup of your favourite beans. They also have some great classes and workshops on home roasting (though I wouldn't try to knit and roast at the same time)

• Lighting: light can be a little bit dim, as there is ivy covering most of the windows, but I was able to work on my ocean toe (sock) without any trouble
• People: Staff are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to growing, processing and consuming coffee, they’re also really nice.
• Best for knitting: Anything you want!

* I am told that I make a knitting face...I think that it has finally been captured on film

For those of you participating in out summer KAL, I hope that your lace is coming along well, I'm excited to see your progress! I have to confess, however, that progress on my Laminaria has slowed in favour of a new sock project. I cast on for Cat Bordhi's Ocean Toes just the other day, and can't seem to put it down. I'm nearly finished the first sock, and its looking great! Here is a pic from a few days ago...

...its grown considerably since then. I will post pictures of the finished sock very soon. Oh, and the yarn I am using (for those who are interested) is Casbah sock from Hand Maiden.

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G-knit said...

Dear NeedlesMcFoden,

Thanks for posting info on good places to knit in Toronto... especially since they're on the east side of town! Yeah. And thanks for naming your preferred sock yern - Casbah. I've just ordered a book for beginners on knitting socks, so I'm ready to go.

Perahps I'll see you at the Mercury. G-knit