Thursday, June 26, 2008

Distracted from my Distraction

A few posts ago I mentioned a new sock that I'm working on...Ocean Toes? Well, its still on my needles, just the toe left to knit. Casbah has become my favourite sock yarn. Hands down. The combination of amazing Hand Maiden colourways and the softest, cushiest sock yarn ever is certainly a good one! This sock was preventing me from working on my June KAL project (Laminaria), and as I knit franticly away on this sock I slowly began to realize that its a little but snug passing over my ankle. There is a reasonable explanation for this; I knit the sock on a smaller needle than the pattern calls for (I didn't like the loose looking stitches!)
So I have cast aside this sock in order to avoid thinking about ripping it out and starting again.

Luckily I found something new to distract new skien of Misti handpainted lace!
The colour decision took me...a few days...but I finally decided on the calm greens and neutrals of Bar Harvor. Next distraction will of course be selecting a pattern to knit this yarn in. Any suggestions?

I have not completely abandoned my Laminaria, however, in fact I am really enjoying knitting this pattern. I'm about 8 rows into the first border chart, and its looking great! The border charts are more difficult than the center charts, because each lace row is different. I find that it takes me a 1/4 row to figure out the repeat, which slows me down considerably. Nonetheless, here it is. I am not quite half-way through my second skien of Malabrigo Lace, and am beginning to hope that I may be able to knit this shawl with just two skiens. Fingers crossed.

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