Friday, June 6, 2008

I think I'm turning Japanese

I have always had a love of cute silly things. In fact I am completely driven by it; I go as far as to seriously dislike things that are not cute, or at least visually appealing in some way. I constantly select the impractical, useless and even dangerous items in life as my very favourite…just because they are pretty or cute. An excellent example of this problem I have happened just recently; while discussing furniture options for my new apartment I told my parents that I would prefer to sit on the floor with no couch or kitchen table than to have ugly ones. I meant it too!

Kyuuto are, a series of Japanese crafting books, that have recently been translated into English. I can guarantee to you that each page is jam-packed with over-the-top cuteness, the breed of cuteness that Japan has become quite notorious for producing. Whether it be Amigurumi, Lacy Crochet or Fuzzy Felted Friends, the Kyuuto series is sure to have you ooohing and squeeking as the Kyuuto-ness unfolds.

(Masterminded by Tomoko Takamori): This was the book that made me want to crochet, watch out knitters because it just might happen to you too! Amigurumi are cute little anthropomorphic creatures, and are quickly winning the hearts of knitters as well as the crochet savvy the world over. With patterns for all manner of animals from “American” lions to donkeys with bandannas to sheep (from the woolen planet?), these little creatures are fun and easy to make too. The patterns in Amigurumi are all single crochet and great for anyone who is new to crochet; my first crochet project was from this book!
Pictured above are my first crochet project, the "fuzzy bunny" in Mirasol Miski, and the "American Lion" in Cascade 220 and Nashua chunky Mohair!

LACY CROCHET(author: Shufu-To-Seikatsu Sha): A step up in skill level from Amigurumi is Lacy Crochet. The patterns in this book are mainly for household items such as coasters, pincushions, tissue box covers, pot holders and lacy trimmings. By far the cutest pattern in the book is for a beautiful pair of baby booties. Lacy Crochet has clear step-by-step instructions on each technique used in the book, with minimal text to accompany it, allowing for much clearer translation from Japanese into English

(author: Saori Yamazaki): For those who can’t crochet to save their lives, and I know a few of you, this book may be your way to get in on all this cuteness. All the projects in this book are felted from rovings, and they range from the definitive Japanese cell-phone dangler to bags, bowls, coasters and puppies! Again, this book offers detailed photo based instructions, allowing for easy translation into English.

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