Friday, September 3, 2010

I finished this awhile ago, but forgot to take decent photos! On our way up to our friend's cottage, Maddy and her friend "O" were cuddled under Maddy's hexagon blanket. Don't they look cute? I used Aya and a cotton cream yarn for the border. I never thought crocheting hexagons would be so addictive, but let me tell you - they are! Once you start, you can't stop.

Thankfully Maddy didn't want a big blanket like her sister's giant granny square. She just wanted one big enough to cuddle with while she slept.

After searching through Ravelry looking at all the awesome hexagon blanket colour combos, I find one that is to die for! Here is the link - beautiful! I am planning on doing a huge one for the couch in our family room in Cascade Eco and the middle will most likely be scraps of yarn I have at the shop - regardless of type....You don't need that much and it will be grand to use of the odds and ends I have at home and at the shop.

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