Thursday, February 4, 2010

Blocking! Don't Be Afraid, really!

One of things I really believe help your finished knits have a professional look, takes place in the blocking process. I LOVE blocking. I love how lumpy stitches, crumpled up lace pieces, a titch and/or too small garments are fixed when blocked. Blocking doesn't cure all problems, but helps significantly. Like knitting, you need great tools and yarn to enjoy the experience, and blocking is no different. Here are the tools I use to make the process go smoothly and efficiently (I LOVE efficiency):

1. SOAK blocking tub
2. SOAK - in any fragrance you like (they are all great BTW)
3. A spray bottle
4. Pins
5. Blocking Wires

I first fill up my SOAK tub with cold water (shown in purple and pink), add in my SOAK no rinse wool wash and let soak for about 15-20 minutes.

I then dump the water, which is super easy with these new tubs, you just hold the handles together with one hand, and it folds to create a spout. Then squeeze out excess water and lay out on either your carpet, bed, or blocking board. If blocking a garment, pin garments to shape and size.

If blocking a lace piece, insert blocking wires into each edge stitch. Once completed, you can stretch out the lace to the size desired.

If your item only needs to be sprayed with a light mist, skip the above and go directly to pinning the item to shape. Once complete, spray the item all over and wait for it to dry.

Let dry and enjoy your finished knit!

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