Wednesday, December 2, 2009

When Good Knits go Bad!

When Good knits go Bad is a new feature at The Sheep! We like to keep things positive around here, but our knitting doesn't always allow us to have the 1/2 full glass feeling. However, we can still have a good laugh at our knits when they go down hill.

Jacqueline is knitting the Fiddlehead Mittens with us and finished her first one and started the 2nd one to match. Good plan, BUT, the thumb on the first one is huge and the 2nd one is mitten is turning out much too big. Why? because she is using the Addi click system except, on one side is a 3.5mm tip and on the other a 3.75mm tip! Oh well. At least she is knitting them with exceptional yarn - Classic Elite Princess:

To ease her pain, she started a scarf on size 10mm and knit through one ball of Jo Sharp Aran in 30 minutes! Nothing like knitting a chunky scarf!

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