Tuesday, December 8, 2009

And...We Are Back!

We get so many emails and comments appreciating all the blog posts we do and we are sorry we haven't posted in a few days. Between crazy busy at the shop and personal stuff, we have neglected this blog. Doesn't mean we don't have weeks worth of updates to do, but just been so super duper busy.

Thank you all for taking the time to write and pop in to say how much you appreciate us updating our blog - we now know you read it! Woot!

Now on to better things - look what we received last week:

Ewe Dye It Sock Kits:

Description from the website:

What if you could dye yarn in your choice of colors with NO big (or small) messy dye pots ?

Our Ewe Dye-It Kit makes it possible! Now you can create your own beautiful hand-dyed yarn using just your microwave oven and common vinegar.

Our Kit includes 6 blend-able primary & secondary color dyes, a skein (100g) of fingering weight 75% wool / 25% nylon yarn, 3 dye dispenser bottles, protective gloves, easy-to-follow instructions and more.

Our Kit contains enough dye to color from five to six 100g skeins of yarn. And, since all the other supplies are several times re-useable, our Kit is eco-conscious.

Each kit costs $45.00 and we can get our hands on more bare sock yarn to dye up more. Each kit has enough yarn to dye 5-6 skeins of yarn!

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