Tuesday, December 15, 2009

New Colours of Painted Fleece Yarn!

First up, the ever popular Painted Fleece Sterling Silver yarn! This is one super awesome yarn that is very hard to resist! Missy dyed up some new colours and filled in our basket with fantastic colourways. Keep in mind, these are one of kind skeins, which will be difficult to re-produce exactly.

Each skein is $30.00 and is enough for a small shawl, socks, hats - any pattern uses fingering weight yarn, this can be used for.

Next up - the Painted Fleece Merino/Nylon blend sock yarn. Each skein is $24.00 and these beauties, are well, beautiful. I think I might want to use the orange colour with Viola's sock yarn in light purple to knit helloyarn.com's new squirrel pattern.

Edited to add - this is Missy's Merino & Cashmere yarn - 575 yards @$25.00, all hand dyed soft goodness!!! We have a beautiful scarf knitted with this scumptious yarn. Come on in and feel it for yourself!

Hopefully by the time this post hits the internet, the pattern will be available to purchase. I will be stalking her site until it is

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