Saturday, June 27, 2009

Meet Ernie

We have a new addition here at the Sheep. His name is Ernie, and he was waiting for me this morning when I arrived at the store:

Ernie was keen to help me out, so I put him to work.
First, we cleaned up the shelves of yarn:

Ernie was a little small for this, but he really enjoyed rolling around in the Tanis sock yarn. (Wouldn't we all like to!)
Next, it was time for a coffee break, so we had some coffee:

Then, I showed Ernie how to knit lace, and he helped me knit the Springtime Bandit shawl I am working on for the store:


After all this, Ernie was pretty tired (so was I!) so we sat and chilled on the chairs at the front of the store:


You can make your own Ernie, in no time, with the Earnest and Georgina bear pattern from Kate Atherley. We've got them in the shop, and they knit up quickly with very little yarn. (I used Cascade 220)


Ernie looks just as cute *gasp* naked! If you don't want to knit him some clothes.


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