Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Annie Modesitt is Coming!

Just a reminder about the exciting celebrity guest that will be visiting our store next week! Annie Modesitt will be teaching at the Sheep next Wednesday and Thursday. Each class is $60 individually, or 2 classes for $100, and here is what she will be teaching...

Wednesday June 10:
Modualr Knitting 2-5pm (9 spaces left)
Combination Knitting 6-9pm (7 spaces left)

Thursday June 11:
Combination Knitting 2-5pm (12 spaces left)

P.S. Combination knitting is Annie's own knitting technique. If you want to knit faster, but still be gentle on your hands, combination knitting may be for you! Who better to learn it from than the creator of the technique?

Oh, and did we tell you already that the new Rowan magazine came in, and it is LOVELY!

1 comment:

Laura said...

I took the Combination Knitting class last night and really enojoyed it. Annie is a fantastic teacher - thanks for bringing her to Toronto!