Thursday, June 25, 2009


The name alone sends shivers down the spine of knitters all over the world...and we have a bunch of it!
Koigu, the scrupmtiously hand-dyed-in-Ontario-yarn-of-my-dreams is now at the Naked Sheep.


...I only put one of each colour into this photo, because I couldn't fit all of it into one picture! At the moment we have a lovely selection of 20 colours in a mix of solids, speckles and hand-paints, but it is quickly diminishing! The lovely folks at Koigu offer such a huge selection of colours that it's hard to tell when your favourite will appear again, so snap it up while you can!


At the moment we are carrying KPPPM and KPM, because we're crazy for socks! Each skein is 175 yards of %100 merino wool, so you can knit a pair of adult's socks from 2 skeins. But there is no reason to stop at socks, Koigu knits up beautifully in shawls, sweaters, hats; I've even seen pants knit from KPPPM (here)awesome!

Here is a look at the Spring Forward socks that I knit from 2 skeins of speckly KPPPM

Oh, and for those of you outside of the city, check out the crazy weather we had earlier today; I took this photo after it had cleared up quite a lot...and it's still a gloomy mess, but a good day for knitting.