Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ergonomic Crochet


...well, we have the right tools for the job anyway. If you're anything like me you get into a knitting/crochet frenzy; I become so obsessed with certain projects that no amount of wrist pain can keep me away! (I know, thats a bad thing)



If you aren't as dye-hard as I am, and I hope you're not, you should try out the cute new crochet hooks that just came in earlier today. They have a soft grippy handle, and a smooth slippery hook, so your yarn slides easily, but not your fingers! Another great idea from Clover, my favourite purveyor of cute and handy notions.

We have a fresh supply of lots more Clover goodies, including their needle felting pen, Kacha Kacha's, stitch holders, cable needles, blocking pins and more!


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