Thursday, May 7, 2009

Yummy Sock!

We all know that knitting in the summer can get a bit sticky, and everyone has adapted thier own coping methods (because not knitting is simply not an option!) Some tend towards cottons and other summery fibers, but for those die hard fans of animal fibers (like myself) cotton doesn't always make the cut. My solution to an animal fiber craving in the middle of July is to knit socks; I get to knit with wool, and I'm not sweating under the weight of a sweater. Perfect!


At the Sheep, we've stocked up on some of our favourite sock yarns so that you can happily knit with wool all summer long, without the sweat!

Yummy Sock:
This uuber smooshy yarn is dyed in a fantastic range of colours, and with 370 yards its a steal at just $17! Check out Lisa's lovely sock...


...Scoop some Yummy sock soon for your own wooly summer knitting project; your fingers will thank you, and come winter time your feet will too!

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