Sunday, May 17, 2009

New comfy chairs!

We've been re-arranging things here at the Sheep, and yesterday we set up a new seating area!

This means more seating for all of you to come in and knit! We'll be adding a few more chairs soon, and as always, the coffee is on us!

Our sale yarns are still there, don't worry, we've just re-arranged them. Don't forget to come in before the end of May to get some great deals on yarn - Our Jo Sharp is 50% off, so is cotton stretch, cotton tape, and many more yarns. We hope to see you soon!

1 comment:

leslie - knitting therapist said...

I LOVE those chairs! Awesome mission style. I'll have to stop my friend from running off with them.
A lovely use of that space.
Better than a couch, too. Studies show that never more than 2 people sit on a couch and feel comfy (personal space) in North America. What a great way to warm things up.

Always consider the Queensville Antique Mall for some other great mid-century mocern chairs.