Thursday, May 7, 2009

Annie Modesitt!!!!! Annie Modesitt!!!!

Annie Modesitt is coming to teach at The Naked Sheep!

Annie Modesitt, teacher extraordinaire, designer & author is coming to TORONTO to teach her innovative Combination Knitting technique Christened "Combination Knitting" by Priscilla Gibson-Roberts (Fall 2000 Interweave Knits magazine) This method is a combination of the Western or German/American/English style of knitting and Eastern/Islamic knitting.

It is easier and quicker than traditional Western knitting, this method creates a very even tension with less "rowing out", less wrist strain. If this method is different than how you've been taught, give it a try and you may discover a new love of knitting blooming! If you are a first time knitter, ENJOY!

In addition, she is teaching Cable Mania & Embellishments and Modular Knitting.


Date & Time Class Price

June 10 2pm to 5pm Modular Knitting $60

June 10 6pm to 9pm Combination Knitting $60

June 11 2pm to 5pm Combination Knitting $60

June 11 6pm to 9pm Cable Mania & Embellishments $60

Maximum Participants for each class is 16.

Special on two or more classes
If you are interested in taking two or all three classes with Annie, the fee per class is $50.

Classes must be paid for in full when you register, are non-refundable and not transferable. All class fees include taxes and we offer a one time 10% store wide discount, excluding class fees.

Class Descriptions

Modular Knitting

We’ll cover the basics of Mitered - or Domino - Knitting, learn ways to visualize mitered patterns through charts, and begin The Universal Mitered Bag, which can be completed at the knitters own pace after the class.

Modular Knitting is a general term that embraces several ways of creating multi-directional knit fabric. Two of the most popular modular knitting methods are Entrelec & Mitered - or Domino - knitting.

Please bring at least 3 balls of worsted or sport weight yarn (variegated is fine), circular needles of any length to work well with your chosen yarn.

Cable Mania and Embellishments

Overcome your fear of cabling and at the same time learn a technique that is faster and easier than the standard technique which uses an extra needle to twist the yarn. And accentuate your lovely items with knit embellishments such as flowers, leaves, knots, knit fringes, several types of cord and knit buttons!

Please bring: Light colored worsted weight yarn, needles to work well with yarn.

Combination Knitting

Christened “Combination Knitting" by Priscilla Gibson-Roberts (Fall 2000 Interweave Knits magazine), this combination of Western and Eastern styleknitting is faster, creates a nicer tension with less "rowing out" and less wrist strain. Established knitters may enjoy this different method, new knitters can mistress this right away!

Please bring: Light colored worsted weight yarn, needles to work well with yarn.

At each class we will have snacks and refreshments.