Monday, August 9, 2010

OMG - Jay's GIANT Granny Square blanket!

OOHHH...super exciting news, well for me and Jay! I finished her blanket, weaved in all the ends (about a billzion!) and spread it out on her bed. Take a look:

I used 24 colours of Debbie Bliss' Baby Cashermino yarn on a 3.25mm hook. Most of the colours I used one ball, but a few required two. The grey, orange and purple and maybe a few more. I didn't keep track that well, because I just wanted to get it done. It measures 60" by 60". I didn't block it out, but just laid it down. I followed The Purl Bee's granny square method - great pictures and instructions.

I also followed Attic 24's Summer Time Granny tuturial and frankly there is no other site like hers. Go NOW, but be warned, she has alot of posts and they are all freaking fantastic, awesome and amazing. Only click on her blog if you have time to do so, as all other things will be forgotten. Grab a drink, sit down and hold on because if you ever wanted to crochet, never thought you would, you will after reading her blog. Trust me. I'm a knitter through and through, but now I can officially call myself a crocheter, because of Lucy.

I started on June 17th 2010 and finished the crocheting on August 4th. This past weekend I secured the ends and placed it on her bed! When she came home from a mini vacation with my in laws, she screamed with utter joy that it was done!

I do have quite a few small and medium sized balls left, so I am going to crochet pillows for her! I have a square green one that I bought from Ikea, and I'm using Attic 24's little granny square pattern for one side (basically a two colour two round square) and one granny square for the other. I'm about half done the one side (which is taking forever, those squares are so tiny, however I'm attaching them as I go - brilliant method that I thank Attic 24 for!)

Lucy - if you ever read my blog, please note, I love yours, absolutely adore it, but you have sucked me into the world of crochet like no one else could. Your photography, tuturials, inspiration and unbelievable enthusiam is awe inspiring. Please keep writing and taking pictures - the blog world wouldn't be the same without you!

There is a Flickr picture pool of Attic 24 inspired crochet goodies. If you don't even know where to start with colours, ideas of what to crochet, this flickr pool will inspire you.

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