Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bruises and Breaks!

During our wonderful beach vacation a few weeks back, my older daughter Jay went mountain biking up at Blue Mountain with her dad and best friend. Her BFF survived the 4 hour long event without injury, but mine was not so lucky. On her 2nd last ride she fell and her brakes got all screwed up, although she and Chris didn't know it. On this fall she came out fine, but on the last run, she fell pretty bad and got all tangled up in the bike and this is her souvenir from the event. Super painful and horrible for my husband to see her legs all around the bike frame!

Although in quite a bit of pain, the very next day she went Tree Top Trekking at Horseshoe valley! I have a tonne of photos but forgot to upload them. Oh well. she had fun and took tonnes of Advil afterwards!

On to the next crazy injury - my younger daughter broke her ankle playing summer hockey! A boy fell on her and her ankle twisted in a funny direction and now she has this on for the next 4 weeks:

Fun times people, fun times.

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