Thursday, April 22, 2010


Brenda, you amaze us with your awesome knitting skills! Look at the sweater Brenda just finished. It is Vaila from the Twist Collective site. All of Brenda's sweaters are knit top down, (a style that looks stunning on her) and most, if not all designs she knits are re-designed by her to knit top down style.

The original yarn Vaila is knit with is Malabrigo, a heavy worsted yarn, but Brenda knit hers with Mirasol Tupa, a DK weight yarn. No matter the project and yarn, Brenda will knit until the sweater is perfect. I love that attitude.

Go check out her Ravelry Project Page to look at all the fab sweaters she has knit over the years. I am proud to know you for almost 6 years girl! We met at the Sheep when it first opened and have remained friends since.


Anonymous said...


(Brenda here, anonymous because I don't have a blogger account anymore!)

LeeAnn Schaefer said...


Beautiful work Brenda!!