Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hemlock Ring Blanket!

Oh yes people, we have knit a giant doily! Emily knit the hemlock rink blanket (rav link) with 5 skeins of cascade 220 with 5mm needles. There are 3003 made in Ravelry as of today!

Basically Made In Brooklyn aka. Jared Flood knit a vintage doily pattern that originally used J. & P. Coats’ Six Cord Mercer-Crochet and a 2.75mm needle and knit his with an aran weight yarn- Cascade Eco (which we have BTW). Genius I say!

Depending on the size you can use pretty much any yarn, decide if you want it lacey or a tighter knit - the skys the limit.


Laura said...

Absolutely beautiful! I need to sit down and make myself one!

sadie said...

It's splld doily not dollie :)