Tuesday, September 22, 2009



We all love Elizabeth Zimmermann's timelessly cute and endlessly fun to knit Baby Surprise Jacket, and subsequent Adult Surprise Jacket. Well brace yourselves because the 2 surprise jacket patterns are both available in the new ABCSJ book from schoolhouse press, along with a child version as well! Hooray, there is now a surprise jacket to fit everyone in the family (except your dog ;)

The handy little ABCSJ book will also shed some light on sizing the BSJ by changing your gauge...something that has always been a little mysterious to me. Without lacking in any Zimmermann-y gooddness that we have come to love, this blooklet clearly ( with colour photos!) shows how the BSJ is constructed and assembled. It even adds in instructions for afterthought pockets as well as collar and hood options!


And we have a bunch of them, so stop by to take a look for yourself!

I can't resist showing you this either...


We're so glad to see that you liked the Zauberballs that just came in, so we just brought in two new colours for you. Go crazy folks!

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