Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Take a look at my lastst project for the Sheep...


I'm knitting Wisteria by Kate Gilbert. This lovely top down sweater has been great fun to knit, though I will admit that I've had a few slip-ups so far. Sometimes, knitting in a busy store can be challenging...like when you're attempting to follow a complex cable chart!

I am lucky enough to be knitting this pretty sweater in Malabrigo Worsted in the Saphire Green colourway. I adore this colour, but it proved to be quite difficult to photograph; in person it looks a lot warmer than these photos show. I guess you will just have to stop by and see for yourselves!

At the moment I am working the increases for the rounded yoke, and aproaching the end of the large section of cabling. Soon I'll be knitting the stockingette body, a welcome break from these cables that seem to be taking so much of my focus. Until then, however, be weary of asking me questions while I'm kniting. I may just answer you with "hmmm...C4right...purl 6..slip...knit....mumble"