Sunday, August 16, 2009

Project Ideas

In addition to our fantastic 25% off sale, we've got a number of yarns which are discounted even further - either because the yarn has been discontinued, or because it's something that we're no longer carrying. But, the yarns themselves are awesome, and I'm going to highlight a few, and give you some project ideas for them.

First off: Rowan Bamboo Tape. Bamboo tape is 50% off, and is now just $5.95 a ball!
Bamboo Tape
Bamboo Tape is a 100% Bamboo yarn by Rowan. The fact that it is a tape doesn't affect your finished fabric if you're knitting a dense fabric, like stockinette for a sweater.

But, if you knit it loose, and perhaps drop a few stitches, you get a wonderful fabric that shows off the tapey-ness of the yarn. That's right, I'm suggesting the wonderful, ubiquitous Clapotis!
Clapotis is an awesome project for any level of knitter.

Wearing one is like announcing you're a knitter. It's the secret handshake of the knitting world! It's so much fun to knit as well!

Here's one knit by our friend Suzie:

Next up we've got Lana Gatto Feeling, which is also 50% off, and only $9.30 a ball!
Lana GattoFeeling
Feeling is a squishy 70% wool 20% silk 10% cashmere blend that knits up to a DK weight. It's sooo soft, and would be great knit up into almost anything!

I think colourwork mittens would be so great for this yarn. Get a jump on your christmas knitting early perhaps? There's lots of options: I'm partial to the Snail Mittens, from the Knitters Book of Yarn and the Fiddlehead Mittens, both from Hello Yarn. Wear a pair of these for an hour, and you'll never want store-bought mitts again!

And, the last one for today: Jo Sharp Ultra. Ultra is 50% off, and is just $5.50 a ball!
Jo Sharp Ultra
Ultra is a bulky weight Wool/silk/cashmere blend, and I think it's a great yarn for outerwear.
I've seen amazing scarves out of this yarn, but my favourite project for it (so far!) is Foliage, from

I like this hat, because it's lacy but still super warm for the winter. Also, it's so pretty! and since it uses just two balls, it's an inexpensive project as well!

That ends todays project reccomendations, but stay tuned for more, or, as always, check out for more ideas!


Munchkin said...

Every time I've stepped into the store I pick up that rowan bamboo tape cause I love how it feels. BTW thanks for the great service I've gotten since I've moved closer to your store!

Ella Wood said...

what ply of wool do you suggest for the clapotis?? im interested in making one, but im not sure how thick my wool should be!