Thursday, July 23, 2009

Take a look at Sarah's latest project...



She knit Kate Gagnon's Springtime Bandit kerchief with 4 skeins of Mirasol Qina! Qina is a worsted weight alpaca/bamboo blend; this fiber combination results in a shiny, super-soft and beautifully drapey fabric that looks beautiful knit into a triangular shawl! Springtime Bandit is a quick knitting lace shawlette, perfect for those still easing their way into the world of lace.

It's knit in a worsted weight yarn, so you won't have to struggle with lace weight yarn either! Come by the shop to visit our lovely new sample in person, but you may have to peel it off of me first!

In other news, you may not have noticed that the first two discs in Lucy Neatby's series of DVDs have made their way to the Sheep. If you are a podcast junkie, like myself, you may have already heard the raving review that the Knitmore Girls gave of these DVDs. If you have not yet head it, take a listen...they say it much better than we can!

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