Thursday, July 9, 2009


We believe that this is the sweater that looks good on everyone! A bold statement, yes, but just yesterday night knitters of all shapes and sizes tried on Lisa's Elsewhere (fresh off the needles!) and look fantastic in it! Tell your friends, tell people you pass on the street, everyone looks good in this sweater! We're pretty excited about it in case you couldn't tell...


Elsewhere is a cardigan knit from the top down. It's a very simple knit, but certainly not a boring sweater. Lisa used 8.25 skeisn of Aslan Trends Guanaco, in colour #172, Pomegranate.

Guanaco is a chunky and rustic 60/40 alpaca/merino blend. Lisa's only modification was to knit the back longer than the pattern specified.


Guanaco is a lovely yarn to knit with. It feeds through your fingers nicely, doesn't split, although if you drop a stitch, you will need to ensure all strands are put nicely back on the needles. This is truly a jacket type yarn. You can't wear this next to your skin, unless of course you like that rustic feeling.

This jacket will be perfect for those days where a winter jacet is too much, but you do need something to keep you toasty. It comes in a wide shade of colours that is quite hard to choose from.


Katherine said...

I love the shape! I don't know what the original pattern called for in the back length, but it looks like whatever it was, your choice was better.

Samantha said...

I like it!

Lisa said...

Thank you all!