Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New Needle Rolls

Knitting needles have a tendancy to accumulate in strange places (I find them under the couch, in the bathroom and on the back porch! Honest!) and it is a constant struggle to keep them in order. While there are countless techniques for needle organization, the Sheep is a big advocate of the timeless needle roll. Take a look at these babies...

...we are lucky enough to get these from a talented Torontonian seamstress; locally hand made, doesn't get much better than that! These are the first of a lovely selection of needle rolls that will be coming into the Sheep in the next little while. Both rolls are lined with luscious dupioni silk and will fit short straight needles, double pointed needles or crochet hooks. There are only 2 left from our first batch, but don't worry, plenty more are on the way!

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