Thursday, April 3, 2008

Kureyon Sock Rocks My World

Hiya friends of the Sheep!

Just in case you've been living under a rock for the past six months I am here to tell you that Noro Kureyon sock yarn has finally arrived! If you happen to hear hysterical squealing as you pass by the Sheep its just me (Emily) rejoicing because my yarn has worked itself into another glorious stripe. Yes, Kureyon sock is available in a handful of the most popular Kureyon colourways. It is 420 meters of 30% nylon and 70% wool, more than enough to make a pair of socks for bigfoot! Stripe-lovers rejoice because self striping socks have just been taken to a new level of awesome.

A good striped sock is an invaluable possession, but I wanted to see what else I could do with this yarn. I decided on the Swallowtaill Shawl from Interweave Fall 2006, and am happy to report that Kureyon sock and lace get along quite well. This yarn is a single ply, and it is unevenly spun changing quickly from the thickness of dental floss to a big wad of fleece. I think that this rustic sort of look lends itself very well to lace, and contrasts wonderfully with the psychedelic colours that are always popping up.

I am about half way through my Swallowtail, and loving it! I will keep you posted on its progress (it should be done quickly, as I can't seem to put it down!)

Another project that I promised to keep you updated on (and forgot about) is my Superior Ice Queen! It has long since been completed, and looks great; and finally, here are some pics of the finished product...

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