Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Coffee Morning Shawl - New Exclusive Pattern

A new pattern will be available at the Sheep as of this evening: The Coffee Morning Shawl.

A month or two ago, Lorena told me about a very interesting new yarn she's carrying... Rosario's Sole Latte. It's made of milk fibre. (Seems to be entirely lactose free, for those that worry about that sort of thing... ;-))

I played with it for a while, swatched, blocked, tried it on different size needles, worked a few different stitch patterns, and I was very pleasantly surprised with the results.

It holds a block very well, and the variegation is enough to add visual interest to a lace pattern without overwhelming it.

The idea for the Coffee Morning Shawl was born. I chose a stitch pattern that reminded me of a coffee bean....

And I messed with the geometry a bit. Triangle shawls are great, but they're often very large and overwhelming. I wanted the wrap of a triangle without the length...

so it's a open square....

And what you get is a lovely, not-too-challenging lace project that uses only two ball of this fab new yarn. It's nice and light for spring and summer, and the colours are excellent. Don't you have an upcoming coffee break that needs a nice shawl?

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Anonymous said...

Can't remember how I chanced upon this site. And I'm not likely to grace the inside the walls of your store. And I don't need any yarn. And I do not wear shawls as a general rule. But I very much like your Coffee Morning Shawl.

It is beautiful!
And its shaping is intriguing - almost like a Faroese shawl (which I am too nervous to attempt to knit).

The yarn used in the pictured version looks to be variegated - which adds a sparkle to the stitch pattern. (At least in the picture.)

Can I come back to look at it occasionally? And sigh.

Happy knitting,
Janey, in Nova Scotia
janeyknitting AT yahoo DOT ca