Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Cooking up some Fun at the Frolic

Another year and another frolic ( ok so it was my first, but I heard some people saying that anyway). I can say this much though, I will be back next year! I don't know who's idea it was to put that much yarn, knitters and knit-related things under one roof, but it certainly was a great one!

The Naked Sheep was at the Frolic in full force, and we certainly lugged the heaviest display up to the Japanese Cultural Center this past Saturday. In case you were not there to see it, I brought my family's old vintage stove up to be used as a display case for our freshly baked goods, hem, yarns. It was great to see the familiar faces of customers and friends, and to meet a lot of new knitters throughout the day. Thanks to Yvette and her appreciation of all my kitchen kitch! Thanks also to Life is Sweet for supplying hungry knitters with delicious cupcakes to nibble as they shop (Luckily they are just down the street from us!) they were a very big hit.

Overall it was a great day, and I'm already counting down to next year's frolic. I hope that the TTC strike didn't inconvenience too many of you. Hope to see everyone back again next year!

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