Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Beach Bound!

I am beach bound today for the rest of the week for some R&R!!! And of course lots of knitting and crocheting will occur! My friend lives up in Wasaga Beach and the family is going up to spend some time with them.

Deciding what things to knit and crochet on holidays is quite a task. I don't want to bring too many projects because I won't touch them all and well don't want to feel like I didn't accomplish alot, but then again, I want to make sure I have options. Decisions.....Jay's crochet large granny square blanket is certainly coming along because it would be grand to put a dent in that puppy. I also would love to put a dent in my Elsewhere Sweater (I'm using Eco Plus in Black) and my featherweight cardigan could use some attention. But, after watching an episode of Waverly Place with my kids, Alex, the sister was wearing a cardigan very similar to the featherweight, in a blue and grey thick stripe pattern. It was awesome! So without having a grey colour to mix in, I guess the featherweight isn't coming with me....

I've got so much on the needles and so many ideas swirling around my head, I do hope I bring the right projects. Knowing there are so many projects that could be cast on, is a fab feeling. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with all the yarn, but then feel happy I can go into my stash and start something when the urge hits.

Have a great week!

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