Friday, April 17, 2009

Books and notions!

We've got some great stuff in the last few days, including some new books! Unless it's already in your hands, you missed out on the new Cookie A. sock book, Sock Innovation We had a bunch of copies, but they're all gone already! It's an amazing book though, and we'll be getting more in as soon as we can!

We also have new books from Jane Ellison, Two from the Mirasol collection, and one which is a book full of awesome, wearable mens garments.

They are full of projects that are great for year-round knitting, come on in and check them out!

Here's a sneek peek at something we'll be carrying soon!
I was blown away this morning, when I came in and saw these new shawl pins from Pollika. These pins are made in Switzerland, and they are so beautiful! They come in amazing colours and shapes. I may have to knit a new shawl for one!

Oh, and the Shawl pins will be making their debut at the Knitters Frolic this weekend, April 25. Will we see you there?


Meagan said...

Hey Lisa! It's Corrie's niece, Meagan. Do those shawl pins come in white by any chance?

Samantha said...

Those shawl pins are GORGEOUS!