Saturday, January 10, 2009

Loyalty Program & Stitch Markers & New Books!!!

I am a huge believer in the loyalty card program and have re-introduced it back at the Sheep. It is very simple, for every $25.00 you spend before taxes, you get a card with a pinkie sheep stamped on it! When there are 12 stamps on the card, you get 10% off your next purchase. The only exception is, class fees are not eligible. Simple, non?


We also have some really cute stitch markers the Zephyr Girls made for us:

Naked Sheep Stitch Markers

They are $15.99 and come in a super cute tin. I LOVE them. Good news doesn't end here - we have some of the Zephyr Girls patterns:

- Juliet
- 28 30
- Green Gable
- Rusted Root
- Marigold

Great things keep coming to us!! New books:

New Mason Dixon Book

New Books!



That's all folks. Knit on. Lisa

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