Wednesday, January 14, 2009


We recently received one of the most beautiful yarns on the planet - Rowan Cocoon. It is a nice bulky yarn oh so lovely to knit with! The colours are out of this world and has a very nice sheen. It took me a bit of time to decide which pattern to choose to make a sample for the shop and thankfully I decided on Juliet. Here she is on our mannequin:


And on a real live model that looks like it was totally made for her:


The Back:


This is Sarah - Emily's sister and when she put this on, I was speechless - it looks so good on her (if you knew me, this is no easy feat!) This sweater is knit top down, has a very easy lace pattern and looks good on all body types. Furthermore, you can knit it with a summer OR winter yarn, add buttons or make it longer. While we are at it - why not add longer sleeves? The possiblities of making this sweater fit YOU are endless.