Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hot weather calls for "holier" knitting...

...Knitting thats full of holes that is, hopefully intentional ones!

I'm getting a jump on lace month, a well deserved jump, as I am knitting more than one project for our June KAL. I've had the lace ribbon scarf on my needles for a week or so now; its dead simple and fun to knit! I really enjoy working on it in the store, where the hustle-bustle environment leaves me little remaining brain power for concentrating on complex lace. I am using just one skein of Hand Maiden sea silk (I THINK the colour is renaissance, what do you think?), which is not long enough to make the proper sized scarf. I removed one lace repeat, and I'm just going to knit until the ball is gone! The idea of an 80 inch scarf (this is the length given in the pattern) was nice until I held a tape measure out to 80 inches, and it reached all the way across the room. I pictured my self ten years from now, still churning this never-ending scarf off my needles; knitted scarf piled on the floor, and wrapped around my neck. Aggh! I can't use that much scarf!
This simple, yet effective lace pattern is a quick and easy knit; and thankfully its east to customize its width and length too!

Just yesterday, I cast on for our advanced KAL project, Laminaria. This shawl has been in my project queue ever since I first saw it in the spring 2008 issue of Knitty. I'm psyched about knitting this piece, but have little to report thus far as I've only knit a few rows...take a look at the progress...

Isn't it cute? I chose to knit this project is Malabrigo Lace. This is my first time knitting with this yarn; a silly fact, considering that I am the happy owner of 9 skeins of the stuff! It was just one of those yarns that I new I loved before I'd even used it, and thats shaping up to be true!

More updates on my lacy endeavors soon. Thanks for checking in!


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