Friday, November 5, 2010


The Knitters in this city and beyond are amazing! Thank you to all that have stopped in to show their support and love for the Naked Sheep - it is more than I could have hoped for and imagined. My exit from the retail side of the knitting world is a difficult one and a decision I didn’t take lightly. I will miss my knit night peeps, all the laughs and tears we shared and of course all the wine we drank! The people are hard to leave - the yarn I can totally leave behind (I always know where to find more - Creative Yarns - hint hint!!!)

Thank you also to all the Naked Sheep knitters that supported the shop (and me) over the last two years. Truly, you guys made the shop the awesome place it was…

So - just an update on the clearance sale. Although alot of yarn, needles and books are now in the hands of amazing knitters, we still have a TONNE OF YARN, NEEDLES AND BOOKS LEFT. If you are planning on coming down this weekend, you will be surprised of the amount of things that remain. Boy, did we have a lot of stuff!! Lots of yarn in all weights except for the 16 to 18 stitches/4” range. But all other weights have a great selection left.

Needles are going fast. In two days, our needle inventory was cut in half!

What we do have a lot of is PATTERNS…Oh my goodness that amount of patterns we have is outstanding. If you have the time, please look through them - they are 40% so stock up!

Hope to see you down soon. Have fun!

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