Tuesday, May 11, 2010

DKC Knitters' Frolic 2010

The Frolic this year was freaking awesome! There were so many knitters at the Naked Sheep's booth that I could believe it! Woo hoo! I loved seeing you all. I've created a set of pictures in flickr - FOUND HERE if you want to go through them.

Here is our booth:

Here are some of the folks that dropped by:

Amy from knitty.com

Glenna - have you seen her latest design? Non? Then GO HERE to see it. I want some patterns at the shop - how do I get my hands on them?

Rochelle - who I met years ago at a Scarborough Stitch n Bitch! Hee hee - just noticed Suzy peeking in from behind.

Friends from out of town - Wendy and Suzy:

Sheep knitters - Suzy:




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Anonymous said...

We'll get you some patterns, Lisa! I spoke to Tanis and she is going to get on it, give her a shout this week now that she is post-Frolicked :D

Great to see you and your lovely booth on Saturday! Beautiful selection as always.