Friday, October 3, 2008

Eco Wool!

Yes, two blog posts in one day today! I just couldn't wait to telll you all that the Cascade Eco Wool, and Eco + have arrived in the store! Apparently, we are the first in Canada to be carrying this yarn, so do come in and have a look!

Eco Wool is a 14-16 st / 4 inch wool comes in beautiful right from the sheep colours and has a whopping 437m per skein!
Eco + has the same yardage, and comes in some wonderful non-sheepy colours!

That means that you'd only need 3 skeins for a sweater!
Just look at this comparison... a normal size skein vs. a ball of Eco Wool:

It's HUGE!

We've got lots in stock, so come on in, and check it out!

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